Cobb Park – John Pratt

Cobb Park Criterium:

A warmer day and flatter course brought renewed hope to the SBR Quantum Racing team. I was feeling strong and was told to marshall the front of the 80 rider field. I managed to work myself into several early moves only to be caught as the race progressed. The field had a pretty tenacious grasp on anything goingn off the front. With about 25 minutes to go a dangerous 12 person move took off the front, without an SBR rider up there, I lit out in pursuit. I turned around to see none other than Grant sitting right on my wheel. I decided then and there that my race was only going to last 1 more minute. I buried it on the front stretch ripping down at 35 mph. Once I flicked my elbow to send him around me and up into the break, I dropped to snails pace. In the end, the break came back, but it was great to be able to repay Grant for all the work he did last weekend in Iowa.