Glencoe Grand Prix – John Pratt

Glencoe Grand Prix : It is truly hard to figure on worse cycling conditions than pouring rain. It is impossible to come up with worse than 39 degrees, driving winds, sharp turns, and a huge field in a twilight downpour. So dawned the start of the 2015 Glencoe Grand Prix in the frigid north Chicago region along Lake Michigan. I started about mid-field and in the challenging conditions on the narrow and treacherous Glencoe course, I had one goal: Get to the front as fast as possible. The narrow roads with slick roads made it difficult to keep pace on the turns. I wasn’t comfortable in the field, so I managed to spint up the side during a lull in the pace and rode with Rudy up in the top 5 for a good lap or so. I made it to the front of the race about 12 minutes into the race. I was happy with my positioning, but a little less happy with the way my body was feeling. I knew my days up at the front were numbered, and it was only a matter of a couple of miles before I was panting off the back. The carnage from the race was incredible. By the time I got popped from the main peloton 20 minutes into the race, already more than half the field had been eliminated. I rode as long as I could survive with Luke Momper who was guest riding with the team. He and I both had solid top 40 placements in a really challenging field. It was a good day, but I know more can come over the summer.